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Powder vacuum packing machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2021-11-02

Powder vacuum packing machine, vacuum indoor air pumped into a vacuum, and then automatically hot pressing sealing. After the vacuum packaging of food can effectively relieve the propagation of bacteria and other microorganisms, avoid oxidation, mildew and decay, prolong the storage or preservation period of products.

Powder vacuum packaging machine is suitable for food industry meat, sauce products, condiments, preserved fruit, soybean products, chemicals, medicinal materials, powder, liquid and other goods for vacuum packaging, high vacuum degree, fast speed, stable operation.

Two, technical parameters:

Model: ZH-ZKJ powder vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum chamber size :560×500×(950∽1250) mm

Sealing size :500×8mm×4

Sealing spacing: 370mm

Packing capacity :90-360 times/hour

Power supply: 380 v50hz2kw

Weight: 230 kg

Dimensions :1220×680×870mm

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