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Principle and advantages of powder packing machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2021-07-12

The working principle and advantages of powder packing machine
Powder packing machine is suitable for automatic measuring and packing of powder materials such as milk powder, coffee powder, condiment and additive. Powder packaging machine only needs to abide by the correct use of the operation process, then it can be used for a long time. So today we will take you to understand!
1. Before use, please remove the two screws on the bottom plate.
2, plug in the power, turn over the switch on the side of the machine, the computer control panel indicator light, the machine announced "drop -" prompt sound, press the release key, the machine will automatically reset into the standby situation.
3. Pour the granular material that needs to be divided into the bucket, and press the add/subtract button on the control panel to set the packaging weight you need.
4, set the speed control panel on the "fast, medium, slow" to select the speed you need.
5. After selecting the speed, press the "Start" button on the control panel, and the machine will enter the fully automatic condition, automatic connection and quantitative sub-assembly.
6. When the powder packing machine starts the particle packing, the demand is suspended or the material packing has finished, you can press the stop button to make the machine in the standby state of stop.
7. The quantity of quantitative packaging will be displayed in the "quantity" column. If you need to eradicate the displayed value, press the reset key or switch the machine once from scratch.
8. When eradicating the material outside the powder packing machine, please hold the feeding key for 5 seconds, and the machine will enter the feeding situation.
Used for measuring easily flowing or poor fluidity of powder materials, the machine can complete the work of measuring, filling, filling nitrogen, through the servo motor drive screw rotation to achieve the purpose of measuring and filling materials, stainless steel open material box cleaning is convenient, in line with the requirements of enterprise safety and health management. Adopt rotating screw feeding, independent mixing, servo motor control system, with the advantages of sensitive action, fast measurement speed, high precision, stable performance and so on.

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