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Is the powder packing machine expensive?

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2021-07-12

Is the powder packing machine expensive?
In the past, people with slow economic development had less purchasing power and used less powder products, so the packaging of powder products could be satisfied by hand. However, with the rapid development of automation economy, the increase of powder products and the improvement of people's purchasing power, manual packaging obviously can not meet the demand of the market, so the emergence of powder packaging machine. Powder packaging machine has greatly improved the current situation of labor shortage and high cost of manufacturers, so that the development of powder products has been promoted to a higher level.
Powder packaging machine has enough advantages, will become a competitive machinery products in various industries. Once we talk about competitive products, many people think that its price will be very expensive, so in the end, the powder packaging machine is not expensive, today Xiaobian and you have a good analysis.
The price of powder packing machine varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Some people might say that when they look at this number, it's too expensive. To be honest, the price is not cheap, but you can only see the price, not what it can do for you. If you can understand the following points, I believe you will never think that the packing machine is expensive.
The speed of the powder packaging machine is very fast, especially the automatic speed of the powder packaging machine has been unprecedented increase, a machine can exceed at least eight ordinary workers. Eight workers' wages are also a big expense, but if you use an automatic powder packing machine, you only need two operators at most to do the job, and the operation of the powder packing machine is very simple and easy to learn, which is much easier than training one worker. Skilled packer. If you use the money on labor to sell the packaging machine, buy a powder packaging machine only needs a year's salary, and the service life of the powder packaging machine is generally about 7-10 years, so it is not a stable profit.
Powder packing machine is not only very stable, the error rate is about three thousandths. In the packaging process, the error is very few, the error will be the first time to alarm, effectively reduce the error to the minimum range. After reporting the error, the operator simply adjusts the machine according to the instructions. However, manual operation may not find some errors, so it will produce a large number of substandard products, a waste of time and materials at the same time will greatly increase the cost.
According to the above points, we can judge whether the powder packing machine is expensive or not. If it is expensive, it naturally has the production benefits that he can bring.

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