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Packing machine maintenance

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2021-05-27

Daily packaging machine to do a good job of maintenance
In packaging machine industry, a lot of parts are high-tech, in use process must be carefully maintained, with particular attention to the use of the instrument should be, mechanical instrument debugging personnel before use must be through the strict training, himself must be able to grasp the instrument function, task sequence and operation form, task form, often see disease screening and treatment.
In the process of using the packaging machine, extra attention should be paid to some details and daily maintenance is clean. Check whether the line is loose, ensure the circuit, air channel dredge. Newly installed machinery in the use of a week must reflect on the transmission and moving parts fastening, refueling protection; In the future, monthly reflection and maintenance must be performed on schedule.
To perform fundamental maintenance of the machine:
1, on time to reflect on all parts of the screw, so as not to loose the scene.
2. Pay attention to the local waterproof, moisture-proof, anticorrosive and rat proof of electrical appliances. The inside of the electric control box and the wiring terminals should be kept clean to prevent electrical failure.
3. When the machine is stopped, the two heat sealing rollers should be in an open position to prevent the packaging materials from being damaged.
4. Punctually lubricate the gear meshing place, the oil hole of the belt bearing and the moving parts of the packing machine.

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