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Why do powder packing machines use screw metering

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2021-05-27

Why do powder packing machines use screw metering
The measurement of powder materials is generally measured by screw, and different materials are not the same. For materials with poor fluidity, such as flour and starch, it is generally recommended to use vertical lengthened screw, so that the powder packaging machine can package the products with high accuracy and beautiful appearance. Very good results have been achieved. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the production and packaging process of powder packaging machine.
Automatic powder packaging machine in the packaging of good flow of materials, such as fine salt. It is recommended to use the horizontal push screw to measure. This not only solves the problem of measurement accuracy, but also solves the situation of leakage of materials, and the use effect reaches the customer's satisfaction. Powder packaging machine in the use of screw metering, should be based on different material properties, not one size fits all.
Two kinds of different materials are recommended to use screw, because no matter what kind of screw measurement powder packaging machine uses, the effect is better than other ways, and the packaging environment is greatly improved, to avoid dust pollution and cross infection of materials. This is the powder packaging machine using screw metering.
Different powder packaging vendors would have different strength, take the Internet a lot of manufacturers, flaunt oneself is the strongest supplier, but their own production of powder packaging machine manufacturer, how many, should be more in the kinds of powder materials, so there is a need for powder packaging factory to design a different packaging equipment, to cope with the different materials of packing.
First of all, powder packaging machine manufacturers should design different packaging specifications of powder packaging machine according to the packaging range of powder materials. Because this is different specifications of the machine requirements are not the same, some manufacturers equipment is very single, it is inevitable that it is difficult to meet the requirements of customers, if the relevant enterprise research and development of different specifications of powder packaging machine, the model is complete, according to the actual situation of customers, do equipment, with the production line. This powder packaging machine manufacturers who do not want to choose it
Moreover, powder packaging machine manufacturers can make the material according to different properties, the suitable way of blanking. Different powder material properties are not the same, the feeding way can not be thousands of times the same, this on the powder packaging machine manufacturers design level requirements are very high, need to have a special technical team, in order to make excellent powder packaging machine equipment.

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